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Pregnancy & Pre-Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Pre-Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Pre-Pregnancy Clinic in Townsville

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If you are pregnant, Congratulations! Birth of a baby is a life changing experience and Dr. Kannan considers it a privilege to look after you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.

This section is intended to give you some information about what to expect during your pregnancy and childbirth. Please do not hesitate to contact our rooms if you have any specific questions or concerns. We will be more than happy to answer them.

If you are considering pregnancy, It is very important that your make a healthy start! You might want to visit your doctor regarding information on fertile period and contraception. This might also be a great opportunity to have some blood tests to check for infections like chicken pox and to update your pap smear record. If you have any medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes, this is the best time to get them under control prior to conception. To minimise the risk of any abnormalities with your baby. If you are a smoker or take regular alcohol, it is a good time to stop these as they are proven to have detrimental effects on the baby’s development. It is also advisable for you to commence taking a folic acid supplement at least 3 months prior to conception and continue till the completion of first trimester, as it reduces the risk of neural tube defects by 75%. A healthy diet and exercise are an important part of pre pregnancy planning.