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Urogynaecology Services at Mater Townsville

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Bladder control issues can affect women of all ages. Urinary incontinence related “accidents’ can happen after child birth or any time later in a woman’s life. It is estimated that one in three women suffer urinary incontinence and the incidence increases with older women.

Issues like incontinence and vaginal prolapse can be embarrassing and affect your quality of life, emotional state, body image and sexuality according to Linda Brubaker, professor of female pelvic medicine and a pioneer urogynaecologist from Chicago School of Medicine.

Dr Kannan is a RANZCOG certified subspecialist in urogynaecology and among a very small group of women who practice in this arena. Our clinic believes that women don’t have to put up with leaks or other forms of urinary incontinence or other urogynaecological conditions.

Several treatment options are available to women to manage such conditions and you will find more information below that may help you understand urogynaecology related care from our clinic.