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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic in Townsville

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Women prefer an Obstetrician as a trusted source of information, guidance and more importantly, a positive influence in their pregnancy journey.

Dr Kannan is a very experienced Obstetrician with registrar training from some of the largest maternity hospitals and units in the southern hemi-sphere such as National Women’s Hospital, Middlemore Hospital (both in NZ) and King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth.

Pregnant women have the benefit of Dr Kannan’s experience in delivering babies and all other aspects of pregnancy related care.

In addition to being an Obstetrician, Dr Kannan is also a RANZCOG certified Subspecialist in Urogynaecology and treats women who develop conditions such as prolapse or urinary incontinence in their later years.

Dr Kannan, as your obstetrician, will:

• routinely monitor health of you and your developing baby

• offer advice to help you stay in good health

• help your partner to understand your pregnancy journey

• help you cope with various conditions, e.g. back & leg pains or aches, morning sickness etc.

• answer all your queries throughout your pregnancy

• identify and help treat conditions that may affect your pregnancy, e.g. diabetes, infections etc.

• coordinate with other providers involved in your care, i.e. nurses, physicians, and other health professionals

• deliver your baby and

• care for you during your recovery

You will find more information below that may help you understand your pregnancy related care from our clinic.