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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updates

Friday, 24th April 2020

It is 6-weeks since our first response to the potential issues posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have been continually improving all aspects of providing maternity and gynaecology/urogynaecology related surgical care at Mater Hospital. Our staff have tirelessly worked to develop systems and use little innovations to ensure the safety of everyone who works or visits the clinic. The cooperation of our patient community has been extraordinary and it has been a constant source of encouragement for us to improve our practices in challenging conditions.

Currently, we provide pregnancy care and Category 1 (Urgent) surgical care. There has been a recent announcement regarding restarting the Category 2 services and we should be in a position to provide you with more information next week.

The adverse impact of this pandemic has been global and our resilience has been challenged like never before. With each passing day, the availability of information regarding COVID-19, its epidemiological symptoms, management and potential cure has been flowing in. We have done well so far as a town, state and country and we recognise the dangers of developing complacency. Our small team have the focus to continually improve and keep everyone’s safety as our continuing priority.

Please make Safe Choices during this pandemic!

Dr Kurinji Kannan

Wednesday, 25th March 2020

Further update

For general information on COVID-19, we refer you to the Statement by the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. This is reliable information prepared by professionals in our field of expertise. Please see .

Our clinic will continue to improve infection control activities to ensure safety of all.

We will continue to provide care to pregnant patients and those who need urgent obstetric, gynaecology and urogynaecology care in line with government directives at this time

Please call clinic if you have any queries.

Thank you

Dr Kannan

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) related information for patients of Dr Aubrey, Dr Chang, Dr Kannan and Dr Verkuijl (Private Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Townsville)

As all Australians are faced with an unprecedented crisis arising from Coronavirus (COVID-19), we feel the need to develop systems and processes to protect our patients. To this effect, we have developed the following advice and actions for the benefit of our patients and staff.

A due review by the above specialists has found that, compared to other respiratory viruses, COVID-19’s risk to pregnant women is not significantly higher than in the general population. However, current data is limited and we will keep a close eye on all relevant information from validated sources and advise you accordingly.

The private rooms of the specialists have implemented the actions below to mitigate the risks arising from COVID-19 related infections:

  • All patients and staff are screened for COVID-19 at entry via a questionnaire to determine risk.
  • Anyone identified as `at risk’ will be guided to follow public health protocols.
  • No handshakes or greetings of physical nature.
  • Staff have been advised NOT to hold or touch babies or toddlers.
  • Non-essential support people will be required to stay outside of clinic premises.
  • All surfaces will be wiped down regularly during the day.
  • No magazines or toys will be available (you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Pregnancy appointments will be kept to an `essential basis’ only
  • Face to face appointments will be kept short (data shows COVID-19 transmission risk is minimised when contact is 15 minutes or less)
  • The specialist may decide to wear a mask or scrubs as a preventive measure.
  • As much as possible, personal distance is advised. Research suggests a minimum of 1.2 metres is ideal.
  • Individual pregnancy schedules may be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.
  • Please be aware of the possibility that non-emergency/elective surgeries may be cancelled at short notice due to reasons beyond our control.

While this is not the way we usually engage with our patients and provide care, the threat to of our local community demands the utmost caution. We request your understanding and co-operation.

If we find ourselves in the unfortunate scenario of a positive COVID-19 case at a particular practice, then the practice will be closed for a minimum of 14 days.

If your obstetrician is quarantined, then firm arrangements are in place for one of the other obstetricians in the group totake over and maintain continuity of care.

We will continually advise you of any changes to our practices as further knowledge/ national recommendations become available.

Thank you once again.

Signed by:

Dr Aubrey, Dr Chang, Dr Kannan and Dr Verkuijl