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What to Expect

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Urogynaecology Surgeon in Townsville


Update for patients

The unforeseen pandemic related to Coronavirus is affecting all of us and across the globe. The extraordinary conditions have dramatically changed the way we live and carry our work. As a private clinic in regional Queensland, we recognise these changes and learn to adapt to the prevailing conditions like every one else. If you are pregnant or planning a baby, we will continue to assist and provide you with necessary care despite the prevailing environment. We work closely with Mater Women's unit and other organisations to ensure utmost care throughout your pregnancy and child birth. 

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your maternity, clinical or otherwise, please call us on 07 4771 6677 or email and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

We urge you to minimise contact, stay healthy and look after yourself and your family in the meantime. 

Best wishes
Dr Kurinji Kannan

When you visit our clinic

The information below is to help you get ready for your visit to our clinic. A bit of preparation will make your visit efficient and enjoyable.

When you call us for the first time:

  • Book or confirm your appointment if your referral letter is already sent to us by your GP or Specialist.
  • Alternatively, If you have the referral, you can book an appointment with our friendly staff by calling us at 07 4771 6677 or faxing it to 4771 6699.
  • If you do not have a referral, it is recommended that you consult your GP first.
  • Our staff will advise you of the fees for your visits and provide you with details.

On your first visit to the clinic:

  • First time visitors will need to complete the registration paperwork if it is not already completed. Please allow for 15-20 min.
  • You brought all information relevant to your condition with you. Example, lab reports, radiology reports and information of any previous surgery you may have undergone.
  • When paper work is complete, Dr Kurinji Kannan will see you in her consultation room.
  • Some diagnostic tests may also be performed with your consent.
  • The doctor will discuss her findings in detail and advise the way forward.
  • You will be able to pay our fees by using EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercards.

If you are an obstetric patient:

  • You will need to spend 30-45 min with the doctor during your first visit. The doctor will take comprehensive information from you including your current pregnancy, any previous pregnancies, medical, surgical, social and other relevant history. This information is collected to help Dr Kannan to provide the best possible care to you and the baby.
  • The clinic staff will help you set up subsequent antenatal visits to the clinic.
  • You will receive a comprehensive information pack on your first visit to help you understand your pregnancy.
  • You will be required to sign an information financial consent form which details your consultation fees, planning and management fees and delivery fees.

When you are booked for surgery:

  • Dr Kannan usually performs surgeries at Mater Women’s and Children’s Hospital - Hyde Park. Your surgery may also be performed at the Mater Hospital, Pimlico or at the Townsville Day Surgery. The doctor will advise you the exact location at the time of booking for surgery.
  • The doctor will also provide you with comprehensive information about the surgery, pre-operative requirements and post-operative follow up arrangements.
  • Please make sure that you understand these requirements. You are welcome to seek any other information prior to surgery.
  • The clinic staff will provide you with a fees estimate after the consult or when you decide to go ahead with any recommended surgery. Fees are charged as per AMA rates. If you do have any concerns about the fees please do not hesitate to discuss it with our friendly staff.
  • The fee estimates covers only the surgeon’s fees. You will be provided with contact information of all other associated providers to help you ascertain other costs involved in your care.
  • You will be requested to sign off an informed financial consent.
  • Out of pocket expenses need to be paid prior to actual surgery.

  • Call us on 07 4771 66 77 if you are unsure of any of this information.